Act Up Classes Testimonials

I had a blast and I even got a date out of it.


Software Analyst

You brought huge energy and fun to the session, you had them eating out of the palm of your hand! The students were pushed hard in terms of listening and speaking English but because so much of it was communicated through the body, I don’t think they even realised how hard they were working.

Griffith College Cork

I was petrified when I arrived but the fun atmosphere put me at instant ease and I could easily apply the techniques to my work.


TV Presenter

It was wild! I didn’t think an acting class could be so much fun.


Sales Manager

It was real life, on the spot, pressure to perform – an excellent way to reinforce their learning.

Griffith College Cork

It was great to see so many people having a laugh in a learning environment!

Ulster Bank Dublin

So original and enjoyable – we will definitely do it again.

Griffith College Cork

Over the years, I have encouraged people to dip their toe in this fun exposure to acting for no other reason than the activity itself…you could do a lot worse than trust yourself to the nurturing and encouraging presence of Mr Shane Nestor.

John Deely


Thank you again so much for joining us last week at our Learning at Work Week session, we have been receiving fantastic feedback all round. I know that everyone took a huge amount from your session.

Ulster Bank Dublin

I can’t sing my praises enough. Our group look for new and unexpected challenges and Act Up is a continual hit.

Garvan C. Smyth

Press Up Entertainment